The Anix GmbH

The Anix GmbH is developing, producing and selling modern test-devices for civil engineering and industry since 2004.

  • Production of devices for static Plate Bearing Tests
  • Reconstruction, modernizing and service of Plate Bearing Test devices
  • Calibration of Plate Bearing Test devices
  • Conversion of Planographs for the determination of the evenness of the pavement along the line
  • engineering and development of devices and systems

Anix – therein lies a dedicated and friendly team, which has the theme “Electronic Testing” all capitalized on the flag. We are there for our customers – friendly and high quality service and advice are very important to us. The company is specialized in the development and improvement of testing technology. Our instruments are used by customers for quality assurance, for review and self-test in road construction, in Gardening and landscaping, civil engineering, construction and hydraulic engineering used successfully.

Development service
We also develop products for third party clients and we would be pleased about your order.
Examples are:

  • USB-measure boxes for the recording of vibrations
  • Long-time datalogger for transports (vibration, temperature, brigthness)
  • Peltier-control device