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Plate Bearing Tester The electronic plate bearing tester AX®01 is used to determine – very easily – bearing capacity and deformability of soils and subgrade. The strain modules Ev1 and Ev2 of the DIN 18134:2012-04 (plate loading test) are determined. With its waterproofed case, additional outside buttons and an illuminated display – the device can also be used under bad environmental conditions.

Upgrade of Plate Bearing Testers We modernize your old plate bearing tester. The conversion kit consists of our electronical measurement device AX®01a, a force sensor and an inductive waterproofed displacement transducer. You just insert the displacement sensor instead of the dial gauge.

Planograph The Planograph is used to determine the smoothness of road surfaces in a longitudinal profile. It detects deviations in the road surface central to a 4 m long virtual zero line almost continuously and is made up of a frame with 10 running wheels, a support wheel, a measuring wheel and a drawbar. Our Planograf AX®02 is dividable into three – easy transportable – parts.

Planograph modification We modernize your planograph according to the new regulation “TP Eben”. The modern electronic measuring device records both a complete analysis of the measurement (p²) and the whole profile of evenness of the pavement-surface on an SD card.

The dynamic plate load test The ZFG 3000 GPS and ZFG 3.0 can be used to determine the load-bearing capacity and the quality of soil compaction fast and simply. Thanks to GPS, each measurement can immediately be allocated to the relevant position. All data can be displayed both on site and on the PC without any problems.

Plate Bearing Test