Upgrading of Plate Bearing Testers


Upgrading plate bearing testers (DIN 18134)

We also modernize your old plate bearing tester. The conversion kit consists of our electronical measurement device AX®01 and an inductive waterproofed displacement transducer and a load cell. You just insert the displacement sensor instead of the dial gauge. If you have a force sensor it can be converted for further usage. This offer is only valid when your device is in a good condition – calibratable – and when the components fit together. For a reconstruction we will need the complete old device.

Plate Bearing Test The electronic box AX®01a for the Plate Bearing Test with your old Plate Load Tester

Technical Data

Technical Data

  • Diameter of bearing plate: 300 mm, 600 mm, 762 mm adjustable
  • Lever ratio 1:1, 1:2, 1:-2
  • Resolution: settlement/displacement 0,01 mm, standard load 0,0001 MN/m² (printed and saved), 0,001 MN/m² (displayed)
  • Rechargeable battery, built in, 4,8 V, 4 Ah, full charge 2 h; approx. 48 h non-stop usage
  • Thermal printer, paper width 58 mm
  • SD-card, storage of about 200 tests
Verlängerungen für Plattendruckgerät

Plate Bearing Test The Plate Bearing Test with the Plate Load Tester AX®01

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery of the plate bearing tester

  • Conversion of plate bearing tester
  • Electronics AX®01
  • Displacement transducer
  • Conversion of an existing force transducer (if possible)
  • Optional: new force transducer
  • Power supply unit 100-240 V and car charging cable (12/24 V Cigarette lighter socket ø21 mm)
  • SD card, SD-Card-reader (Windows-PC, USB)
  • Software – Excel®-file with macro for the import of the measured data
  • Brief instruction, instruction manual
  • 2+1 paper rolls
Plattendruckgerät, Messbrücke und Zylinder mit Handpumpe im Koffer

Plate Bearing Test The Plate Bearing Test with the Plate Load Tester AX®01