Thickness measurement of pavement layers

MIT-SCAN-T2 Thickness measurement device


MIT-SCAN-T3 Thickness measurement device

MIT-SCAN-T3 – Thickness measurement device is a measuring device that accurately and non-destructively determines the thickness of asphalt or concrete pavement for construction purposes. It is compliant to the German Standard TP D-StB 12.

The layer thickness measurement of a pavement surface plays an important role in the construction and maintenance of road, airport and container surfaces.

The electromagnetic measuring method enables the fast and nondestructive determination of the layer thickness, without burdening the construction and is considerably less expensive compared to core drawing (about a factor of 10).

The construction company may – in the context of self-control – measure on hot asphalt too and thus receives an economically effective and efficient instrument to ensure a high production quality.

MIT-SCAN-T3 is an innovative instrument that has successfully established itself on the market – of self monitoring and external monitoring – due to its low cost.

It is successfully in use at road construction authorities, construction companies and independent testing institutes.

Within a few seconds, the measuring device is fully assembled and ready for use. Operating the MIT-SCAN-T3 is simple due to its comfortable and intuitive user interface.

1. Input of data
Quick input of all construction site relevant data through clear user interface. All measurement data are thus readily available for further processing with analysis programs.

2. Search
The device is moved in a meandering motion 50 to 100 mm (2 to 4 in) above the pavement surface. This procedure enables quick location of the reflector within a range of up to 2 m (6ft) width.

3. Measurement
The measurement is conducted by passing the device over the reflector. Measurement results are immediately analyzed and displayed.

The MIT-SCAN-T3 thickness measurement device

Efficient and accurate

Efficient and user friendly

The MIT-SCAN-T3 has been designed as a simple and easy to use device. Using only one hand, the operator locates the reflector that lies beneath the pavement surface. The device is then used to measure the thickness of the pavement above the reflector. It has a short test time and a long battery life.

The device has been evaluated and officially approved by the German BASt Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (Federal Highway Research Institute) and is being used for training under the US FHWA´s Concrete Pavement Technology Program.

Accurate and cost-effective

  • provides immediate and accurate readings with high precision within the measurement range of 0 to 0.5 m (0 to 20 in)
  • the device can be used for measurements with all commercially available reflector types
  • no need for time-consuming on-site calibration

Features at a glance

  • immediate detection of metals nearby the reflector that may interfere with the measurements
  • the reflector can be quickly located
  • the reflector is only roughly passed over for measurements, centering the reflector is unnecessary, and sources of error are thus avoided
  • automatic on-site calibration
  • applicable for hot asphalt, wet pavements, milled surfaces and bridges
  • evaluation of testing site and reflectors
  • alternative use of robust and compact MIT circular reflector plates


  • 73/23/EWG: Low Voltage Directive
  • 89/336/EWG: Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • European standard EN 61010
  • European standard EN 55011
Bedienerfreunliches Display des MIT-SCAN-T3

User friendly display of MIT-SCAN-T3

Stufenlos verstellbares Teleskoprohr beim MIT-Scan-T3

Continuously variable telescopic tube made of carbon fiber at MIT-SCAN-T3


Advantages of MIT-SCAN-T3

  • extraneous metals in the vicinity of the reflector are detected immediately
  • rapid location of reflectors
  • for the measurement – the reflector must be run over only approximately centrally, exact locating of the middle of the reflector ist not required, errors will be avoided
  • automatic on site calibration
  • use on hot asphalt, wet surfaces, milled surfaces and bridges is possible
  • rating for measuring point and reflector
  • alternative use of robust and compact MIT circular reflector plates
  • The MIT-SCAN-T3 works with all standard reflector formats.
Ronden aus Aluminium für das MIT-Scan-T3

Discs of aluminum for MIT-SCAN-T3

Kontrollwagen für den Test analog TP D-StB 12

Control car for the test analog TP D-StB 12