Upgrading of your Profilograf


Conversion / renovation / retrofit / digitizing of Profilograf

The Profilograf is a test device to evaluate the transverse profile of the surface of roads (in case you want to evaluate the longitudinal profile you need a Planograf).
The Profilograf – by Koehler Fuess – and the standard cross profile meter (SQM) are static versions of the straightedge. A jockey wheel takes up the entire profile. The profile is recorded graphically.

We digitize your profilograf. The electronic unit AX®03 is designed as a retrofit for existing Profilograf devices. The recording of the vertical deflection (deflection of the feeler wheel) – and the horizontal displacements (displacement measurement of the trolley) – is done electronically and stored at SD card.

The rut depth and the fictional water depth are evaluated with the PC and Microsoft Excel®.