Planograph AX®02


The Planograph AX®02

The Planograph is used to determine the smoothness of road surfaces in a longitudinal profile. It detects deviations in the road surface central to a 4 m long virtual zero line almost continuously and is made up of a frame with 10 running wheels, a support wheel, a measuring wheel and a drawbar. The Planograph is pulled along the length of the road surface by the person carrying out the inspection. During this process, the distance covered and the vertical movement of the measuring wheel below the zero line are recorded on an SD card. When the limit – usually of 4 mm – is exceeded, a warning signal sounds and the value is recorded separately for the calculation (p, p²).

The electronic assembly is housed in a sturdy, water-protected casing that is fastened to the Planograph with a lashing strap. The analysis of the distance covered is carried out automatically at the end of the measuring process and can be printed on the integrated mini-printer. To process the data on a PC, an Excel® template is included with which the smoothness profile along the entire distance can be displayed in diagrams.

The Planograph AX®02



The new Planograph AX®02 of the Anix GmbH consists of three single segments.
This separable four-meter long construction made of aluminum and stainless steel allows an easy transport. A special trailer is not required and even an estate car can be used for the transport. The Planograph can be connected on site by just one person.

The crucial factor for the quality and function of a Planograph is the deflection of the frame. A deflection of 0.8 mm is allowed and the new Planograph AX®02 meets this requirement with enough reserve!

Also new is the fixed wheel suspension which happens by means of vertical adjustable screws.
The separable Planograph can be carried by one person with the hand draw bar, alternatively the car drawbar permits the carriage of the Planograph by car in walking speed.

The modern electronic evaluation device can be used on the Planograph or in the vehicle which is pulling it.

During the measurement the electronic evaluation device records the exceeding p and p² as well as the flatness structure along the entire distance on an SD-card.

The evaluation of the measurement is generated automatically and can be displayed on the built-in mini printer immediately on site. In addition, the evaluation can be displayed and printed in diagrams on the PC.

The Planograph AX®02

Key benefits

Key benefits of the planograph AX®02:

  • 3 segments with low own weight
  • Easy to carry, no special trailer is necessary
  • Space saving storing
  • Easy connection on site – only one person is necessary
  • Innovative connection of the segments, very low deflection
  • Robust and persistent
  • Applicable for measurement up to 8 km/h
  • Corrosion-resistant construction design
  • Adjustment of the wheels by means of vertical set screws
  • Few fault-prone, overall system is easy to justify

The Planograph AX®02

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery of the planograph AX®02:

  • 3 segments with low own weight
  • Displacement sensor and sensor for the vertical measurement of displacement
  • Electronics AX®02
  • Power supply unit 100-240 V and car charging cable (12/24 V Cigarette lighter socket ø21 mm)
  • SD card and cardreader (Windows-PC, USB)
  • Software for Windows PCs for the evaluation with Microsoft Excel®
  • Brief instruction, instruction manual
  • 2+1 paper rolls
  • Hand draw bar for pulling the Planograph
  • Optional: car drawbar for the carriage with a car
  • Optional: spiral extension cable, 7m length, necessary to use the electronic device in a car carrying the Planograph
  • optional: additional extensiton cables 7m length

The Planograph AX®02

Photos - in use

The Planograph AX®02 in use

Photos - transport

Transport of the Planograph


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