Upgrade of your old Planograph

Conversion / renovation / retrofit / digitizing the Planograph

Conversion of the Planograph

Planograph – evenness measurement of road surface

We modernize your planograph according to the new regulation “TP Eben”. The modern electronic measuring device records both a complete analysis of the measurement (p²) and the whole profile of evenness of the pavement-surface on an SD card.

The planograph is used to determine the evenness of the pavement along the lane. The device records deviations concentric below a 4 m beam. It consists of a frame with 10 wheels, one carrying wheel, one measuring wheel and a towing bar. The tester pulls the planograph along the lane. Simultaneously the covered distance and the vertical movement of the measuring wheel are recorded on the SD-card. On exceeding of the limiting value – normally 4 mm – a warning signal resounds and the data is recorded seperately for the evaluation (p and p²). The electronics is situated in a robust waterproofed housing which is fastened at the planograph by a rubber cord. The evaluation of the section takes place automatically at the end of the measurement and can be printed by the built-in mini-printer. In order to edit the data on the PC you can use the Excel-template which is included. The complete surface-profile can be printed.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery of the Planograph

  • Planograf Umrüstung
  • Conversion / renovation / retrofit of your planograph with the Anix GmbH
  • Distance sensor and sensor for measuring the vertical change in height
  • Electronics AX®02
  • Power supply unit 100-240 V and car charging cable (12/24 V Cigarette lighter socket ø21 mm)
  • includedSD card, card reader (Windows PC, USB)
  • Software for Windows PCs for the analysis with Microsoft Excel®
  • Brief construction, instruction manual
  • 2 +1 paper rolls
  • spiral extension cable 7m
  • optional: additional spiral extension cable 7m

Modification of Planograph