Dowel scan

MIT-SCAN2-BT dowel position measurement


MIT-SCAN2-BT dowel scan

MIT-SCAN2-BT dowel position measurement

Nondestructive testing of dowel bar alignment in concrete pavement – analog to ASTM Standard E3013 / E3013M-2015

Joints in concrete pavements of highways, airport runways and container surfaces are exposed to high load of traffic and temperature fluctuations. To equalize the stress and to ensure equal altitudes of the concrete slabs, steel dowels and anchors are installed to distribute the load. To ensure the integrity of the joint zone in the long term, the exact installation position and permissible deviations of the anchors are regulated by standards.

Precise and effective
The measuring system MIT-SCAN-2 was setting a new standard in 2001 for the measurement of anchors and dowels in Germany. Even international customers rely on the precision of the system. Several states in the USA and provinces in Canada are requesting the use of the dowel scan system.

The measuring system
The MIT-SCAN2-BT consists of a compact, rail-mounted measuring carriage, a pluggable, optional expandable rail system and a Pocket PC.

Control and evaluation software
The Pocket PC – provided with the measuring system – communicate via a Bluetooth connection with the measuring device. Controlled by MagnoNorm software, the measurement data are registered locally, visualized and evaluated precisely. Software MagnoProof on the Desktop PC is available for more extensive evaluations and standardized client reports.

Usage and evaluation

MIT-SCAN2-BT dowel scan


1. Positioning
Performing a measurement is very easy. The mobile rail system is positioned over the joint to be tested. The instrument is placed on the track.

2. Measuring
The measuring carriage is slowly pulled over the rail system. The control of the measurement is done via a Pocket PC, which communicates wirelessly with the measuring carriage. During the test run the Pocket PC displays the captured signal and the distance traveled.

3. Evaluation
A few seconds after the measurement the precise evaluation of the measured data and their graphical representation are available. The software MagnoNorm calculates bar positions and missalignment parameters. Standardized reports and 3-dimensional representations of bar positions can be created using the software MagnoProof on desktop PC. A batch processing enables rapid analysis of whole series of measurements. In addition, tools are available for evaluation of highly defective and complicated dowel dislocations.

Measuring principle
MIT-SCAN2-BT is using the eddy current method (puls induktion method). By capturing the data of the sensor line with a high sampling rate and accurate distance measurement of the trolley the answer fields are taken with a high accuracy.


The benefits at a glance

  • A highly specialized system for the measurement of dowel and tie positions, even on baskets
  • Easy to use: Easy assembling, disassembling and transportation
  • Accurate, fast and non-destructive measurement of the dowel positions
  • No reference core needed
  • Convenient control of measurement and on-site analysis with a Pocket PC
  • high precision depths and horizontal and vertical misalignments can be determined with an accuracy of ± 4 mm and side shifts with an accuracy of ± 8 mm
  • Measurement and Evaluation of a joint on several lanes within one minute
  • Efficient review of large sections (daily output 500-600 joints at 16 m length of the joint)
  • Measurement is independent of the state of cure of the concrete and possible immediately after the joint section, also on wet roads
  • Comprehensive analysis and visualization of the measurement results with the desktop software MagnoProof